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News & Announcements

  • RF Lebay Service Termination 2008-2014 (Shut Down)


    We are annoucing about RF Lebay termination (Shut Down) for the next few days (Oct 2014).

    Due this annoucement, all donation now closed for RF Lebay server.

    Having said that many times, we have rebuild the gameplay, community and server totally, our project with old RF Lebay will gonna migrate with new style of gameplay RF-League.com (66) and RF-Extreme.com (120) with no more instant donation++ and will change with New Upgrader Systems, Rebirth System and etc.

    We will working on migration full details soon and this migration will causing some consequences for both donators and non-donators.

    Just prepare your donation information, we have all donations files since 2008/09.

    Any missleading information given will be causes account ban or your account not migrating to the new servers.

    There is no one will migrate equipments / items or even character's level to the new project servers.

    All existing item or point will be counted as point on new projects. 

    We will give you the details soon what can be converted from RF Lebay server to be MDP (Migration Donation Points - can b e converted later as DP on RFL or RFX).

    Join new projects for better RF Online ever.


  • Maintenance Server Done

  • Process Server Maintenance

  • Brand New RF-League (66) & RF-Extreme (120) Project & RFLebay Migration

  • Maintenance Server Done

  • Process Server Maintenance

  • Server Update Patch Release

  • Process Server Maintenance

  • Reconciliation of New Donation Pricelist

  • Server Update Patch Release